Rehoboth United Methodist Church
Monday, August 19, 2019

Christian Education

Sunday School Classes                           
Rehoboth UMC offers a variety of Sunday School classes for all ages in the Education Building. All Sunday School classes begin at 9:45 a.m. in the education building.

One of the may purposes in church missions is that "we build one another up to Christian maturity." We want to become more and more like Christ and to act our of love, understanding, and self-sacrifice. Sunday School, whether it is for children, youth, or adults, is a major part of how this happens. It contributes to our spiritual growth in more than one way.

One never grows to old for Sunday school. It's one of the best means used to conform one's self in the image of Christ and to grow in Christian maturity. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Join us at Sunday School where faith and life connect.  

Adult Sunday School  

This class is a strong knit group that dives deep into exploring the Bible. This class is discussion centered and enjoys hearing the different interpretations of scripture that are shared during lesson time. The Crossroads class uses a student workbook that is provided. This class is located on the 1st floor of the education building in room 105. 



 This class is led each week by their teacher, Forest Horn. After  the lesson s taught, the class opens up for questions and  prayer time. This class is located on the 1st floor of the  Education Building at the end of the hallway across from the  Choir room in room 109.  



The JOY (Just Older Youth) Class is  young adult Sunday school class that is passionate about growing their faith with God. This class is an enthusiast group of young people who learn and grow their knowledge of the Lord in a relaxed environment. The J.O.Y. class is active outside of their Sunday school hour. They often take on mission projects and other initiatives within the church.  The JOY Class meets in the Christian Life Center. 
Children's Sunday School 


Our Elementary class is a fun and engaging class for our elementary students. The class uses different kinds of mediums to engage your children.  This is a very creative class that allows children to begin exploring in their faith.  Currently this class is for all elementary school students. This class is located on the first floor of our education building behind the church library. 


Children's Church

During our worship service children have the opportunity to attend Children's Church after Wiggle Time.  Children's Church is offered to children K-4 to Grade 5.  During this time we engage our children by giving them tools to make new discoveries about God. We use the Jesus Storybook Bible to teach children the stories of the Bible by beginning to understand how Jesus fits into each of the stories. The children have fun learning about what God says in the Bible and then make new discoveries based on what they are learning. Our teachers are excited to learn about God, which allows the children to be excited about learning and living God's Word. Our Children's Church meets in the Crossroads Sunday School located on the 1st floor of the education building in room 105. You will pick up children from here at the conclusion of Service.