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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Rehoboth “My Ministry” Program

My Ministry Form

Do you remember that old, silly story of the minister who was exhorting his congregation to become more active in church affairs to get the church on its feet? "Brothers and sisters," he proclaimed. "What this church needs is the energy to get up and walk." One of his deacons said, "Let her walk, brother, let her walk!" The preacher raised his voice a little and added, "But we can’t be satisfied with walking, we've got to pick up speed and run." The preacher was really getting into his message now. "But running's not enough either. One of these days this church has got to fly!" That same deacon echoed, "Let her fly! Let her fly!" The preacher paused for a moment and said solemnly, "But if this church is going to fly we are all going to have to work harder and give more money!" The deacon said softly, "Let her walk, brother, let her walk."

Here at Rehoboth United Methodist Church we choose the  “Let Her Fly” approach when it comes to the ministry of our congregation.

At Rehoboth we believe everyone in our church family should have at least one (if not more) individual ministries. These ministries can be found within our local church, The United Methodist Church, within local, state, national, and worldwide help agencies or might even be developed by our members themselves as a response to their call by God.

The “My Ministry” program at Rehoboth was developed by our church to help anyone to discern and act upon whatever call to action that God may be delivering in their lives.

How We Serve is very important to the people of Rehoboth, and so with this section we have offered a number of suggestions on how you can serve God here and throughout the world. We hope you will take the time to explore the many opportunities we have offered here in the How We Serve section of our webpage.

We hope you will also learn to explore the countless other opportunities that God makes available to you in your everyday life.

Regardless of where or how you receive the call to serve others, please know that the people of the Rehoboth United Methodist Church are with you. Our hearts and prayers will follow you. 

We know that all ministry in our church is important ministry and our response to God’s call will determine if our church will walk or fly into the future.

Our desire is to become a congregation that can truly say we have “Every Member In Ministry.” Please click this link to view the My Ministry Form.


Pastor Doug