Rehoboth United Methodist Church
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Our Ministries

Food Pantry

We, along with Harvest Hope Food Bank and Pontiac Foods, provide food to needy families in the area. The food pantry is open Monday thru Wednesday from 10 a.m.-12 p.m., or while supplies last. We also take donations from the local community to provide food for those seeking assistance. The first Sunday of each month our church has designated as "Mac-and-cheese Sunday". If you would like to donate, please bring your donation by the church office. The food pantry serves thousands of families each year.  

Drive Thru Drama Ministry
Each Easter Rehoboth hosts a Drive Thru Drama of the scenes leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This ministry is a large production and requires over 100 volunteers to prepare. For more information on this ministry please click here to view our Easter at Rehoboth page. To become involved with this ministry please see ministry coordinator L.W. Smith. or contact the church office. 
DJJ Ministry
Our United Methodist Men's group is dedicated to working with the young men at the Department of Jeuvinile Justice Center. The second Tuesday of each month a few men go and visit the young men at DJJ and talk with them and share a devotional. This is a great time of fellowship for the UMM and youth participating. If you are interesting in participating in this ministry please see Dave Petty or contact the church office for details. 
Homeless bags
Our Crossroads Sunday School class collects items and fills bags to give to the homeless. These bags include things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, individual non-parrishable food items, etc. If you would like to participate in this ministry, please see a Crossroads Sunday School class member or you can bring a donation by the church office. 

Coat Ministry
The United Methodist Men and Jeff Snow collect coats for the homeless each year. If you have coats, gloves, scarves, and other cold weather accessories that you no longer need, please consider donating them to this ministry. There is a container outside the choir room that is just waiting for your donations. 
Books for the Homeless
Paperback books are collected and sent to Washington St. UMC Soup Kitchen where they are distributed once a month to the homeless for their enjoyment. To participate in this ministry please bring your donations to the church office. 
Soup Kitchen Ministry
The soup kitchen ministry volunteers at Washington Street Soup Kitchen every Friday. They work with other volunteers to feel hundreds of people. To volunteer or donate items see Jean Kesler, ministry coordinator or call or visit the church office for more information.
Teddy Bear Ministry
Rehoboth collects teddy bears and other stuffed animals that are given to children in various community homes in the area. For instance, some go to the Children's hospital, Hannah House, or the Children's Garden. Please drop your donations by the church office. 
Cell Phone Ministry
Collections of used cell phones and accessories are collected for senior citizens in need. The phones are collected by Richland County Sheriff's Department. They take the phones and distribute them to senior citizens who are in need of a cell phone for emergency situations. Please bring your donations to the church office. 
Dang-it-Doll Ministry
The Dang-it-doll ministry began in 2004. A grandmother of a soldier stationed in the Middle East decided she would make a "Dang-it-Doll" for her grandson so he might relieve frustration caused by being away from home and family with a stressful job. When other soldiers saw this, they also wanted a "Dang-it-doll". Since then thousands and thousands of dolls have been sent to our soldiers. Rehoboth collects yarn and fabric to give to this ministry. If you would like to participate, bring your donation to the church office.
Eyes and Ears Ministry
The Lions Club collects eyeglasses, hearing aids and accessories to be given to needy people. The Greg Smith Eagle project cabinet in the hallway of the Education Building has a drawer specifically for eyeglasses and hearing aids. Come by the office, and we will direct you to the correct location. We will see that your donations are delivered to a Lions Club collection point. 

Bibles for All
RUMC collects Bibles and gives them to any who do not have a Bible or may have lost their Bible due to a house fire, etc. The collection point is the Greg Smith Eagle project cabinet in the hallway of the Education Building, or you can bring your donation to the church office. We will make sure it is put in the correct place. 

Campbell Soup Labels and Box Tops for
Please remember to save your Campbell Soup, Swanson labels
and Box Tops for Education found on most General Mills products and put them in the box marked Wallace Family Life Center in the church office. The labels are given to Wallace Family Life Center, a United Methodist Women and United Methodist Church mission, in Bennetsville, SC. Wallace
Family Life Center redeems them for their ministry. 

Greeting Card Fronts 
St. Jude's Ranch for Children makes greeting cards for purchase out of old greeting card fronts. Instead of throwing away those greeting cards, bring the torn off fronts to the office. We will place them in our greeting card box and send them to St. Jude's Ranch.

Canceled Stamps Ministry
This ministry is a great, easy way to minster to others without spending a dime. Bring your canceled stamps from letters or cards you have received, and the United Methodist Women will send them off. Bring your canceled stamps to the church office, and we will give them to our United Methodist Women group. 

Drink Tabs for Ronald McDonald House
Please save the tabs from your aluminum cans for Ronald McDonald House. The church office has a collection box to take your donations. We will send your donations to the Ronald McDonald House.