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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Welcome to RUMC Children's Ministry

Our main goal is to engage a child's heart, soul, mind, and strength.
Our lessons:
                                                             • touch the heart
                                                             • open the soul 
                                                             • teach the mind
                                                             • lead to application
                                                             • nurture high impact
                                                             • discipleship!
Our curriculums work to infuse a fresh, creative, fun, and relational dynamic to programs of all ages and sizes and nurture life-long relationships with Jesus Christ.
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Christian Education
Sunday School Classes
We have Sunday School classes tailored to each child's age level. Click here to see what class is best suited for your child.
Wiggle Time
Wiggle Time takes place after the congregation prayer during the church service. At this time all children are asked to come to the altar for a time where the scripture reading will be explained to them in an age appropriate manner. After Wiggle Time the children are dismissed to go to Children's Worship, if they choose. 
Children's Worship 
Children's Worship Service provides sermons on a child’s level to help them understand the word of God and prepare them for adult sermons. Children are escorted to their own worship service after Wiggle Time during the regular worship service. You can pick your child up after the service in our Education Building on the second floor at the classroom across from the middle stair case. Children will be brought back to the sanctuary on Communion Sundays so they may participate with the congregation in the receiving of the Lord's Supper. 
Music Initiative 
Children's Choir
The children praise the Lord through song each week. Our children's choir meets after
 worship each week in the Adult Choir Room. The children will perform what they have been working on through outthe year for the congregation. 
Children's Handbell Choir
Our children will delight our congregation with music through their
handbell choir.Throughout the year the children will play songs
relevant to the season. The bulletin will indicate when the handbell
choir will perform. There is no formal practice time for this ministry.
Your child may come to the front at the time of the performance,
and you may enjoy your child playing handbells. 
Music Camp
Since 2011 Rehoboth has been hosting Music Camp each summer. During our week long camp, children will learn a musical and perform it at the end of the week. The children will enjoy learning stories of the Bible through song and theater. Please continue to check our website for specific dates and times of Music Camp. 
Child Safety
Safe Sanctuary
All of our volunteers and staff are Safe Sanctuary Certified and go through a background check. For more information on our Safe Sanctuary policy, please click here


If you have any questions about our Children's Ministry, contact our Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries at or visit our Staff page.

Youth Group

Looking for our youth group? Click here.