Rehoboth United Methodist Church
Wednesday, July 24, 2019
About Rehoboth
Rehoboth United Methodist Church has been located at 6911 Two Notch Road in Columbia, South Carolina for over 100 years. We celebrated our 100th anniversary on December 11, 2011.

The first members worshiped in an old wooden church until 1945, at which time it was replaced with a concrete block church. In 1967, the concrete block church was demolished to allow larger facilities to be built. This included a two-story building with a Chapel, pastor’s study, church office and church parlor. In 1977, three crosses were donated and installed on the exterior of the Education Building in memory of J.B. Smith, by his wife and children.

In 1951, the Dent family donated another parcel of land behind the church. The Dent fellowship building was constructed to provide a kitchen and dining facility. The building was dedicated in 1952 in memory of J. Marion Dent, Walter K. Dent, Henry S. Dent, and John Dent.

In 1985, a consecration service was held for the completion of the new Sanctuary. It was also at this time that Rehoboth hired its first full time choir director, Toni Hollingsworth.
Rehoboth members are active in local, district, and statewide ministries throughout the United Methodist conference. You will find a warm, friendly congregation with a traditional worship style, outstanding adult choir, children programs, strong mens ministry, strong womens ministry, and Sunday School classes for all ages. Join us for Sunday School at 9:45am and Worship at 11:00 to help share the love of Jesus Christ with all of those that we meet.
If you would like to learn more about the rich history of Rehoboth, visit our History room located on the second floor of the education building.  


Our Mission Statement:
Rehoboth United Methodist Church is a diverse fellowship of believers, 
empowered by the Holy Spirit, demonstrating the love of God to all through Jesus Christ.